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Welcome to the home page of the Crusader " Mission In a Can " Process. 

----------------------------------------------------Recommended file naming convention-----------------------------------------------------

  12-T-xxxx_42122_CAPF 73_mm/dd/yyyy   (separate fields by underscore)

         |                |          |                  | Date

         |                |          | Form # (see "By Number" list if not sure)

         |                |    asset (Vehicle ID, Tail Number, etc) 

         | Mission #




What's New   (29 September 2013)


An error in the W&B envelope for N455CP was reported and corrected, please make sure the W&B on your worksheet shows a "knee" bend on the forward CG line.


The .xls version of the Flight Package is no longer supported the only active verison uses .xlsx.


The C182 G1000 GFC700 POH for N455CP is now available; the last section is a G1000 Pilot reference manual.


Forced file save has been removed, please save documents before ending your session. 



Several packages now have a general parameters worksheet.


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